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Solid Hardwood VS Engineered Hardwood

The Kicker to Solid Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood

We’ve discussed the differences between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood before. The fact of the matter is they are both high-quality floor types and it’s really up to personal preference as to which works best in your Flower Mound, TX home. With that said, one might edge the other for a singular reason…

Engineered hardwood is limited in refinishes

Engineered hardwood is best known for its moisture resistance. Its layered composition makes it tougher for water, or other liquids to seep all the way down to the core of the plank and cause damage. This differs from solid hardwood, which is wood through and through. It is easier for water to reach the core of a solid hardwood plank.

solid hardwoodThe problem with the layered composition of engineered wood, however, is it is limited in the number of times the surface can be sanded and refinished. You see, engineered hardwood is topped with a hardwood veneer. The veneer is a piece of actual hardwood—that is what gives the engineered version such a realistic appearance. Unfortunately, the veneer is also very thin.

Engineered hardwood veneers are typically thin enough to where the floor surface can be refinished maybe three or four times, at the most. The general rule of thumb is to refinish a hardwood floor once every six years or so. Therefore, engineered hardwood’s lifespan is less than that of solid hardwoods.

You will get your money’s worth as long as you take care of your engineered hardwood floor. But, if you do not, refinishing will become more immediate and the refinishing inventory will begin to countdown sooner than it should.

Solid hardwood can be refinished many times

That’s the true beauty of solid hardwood (besides its actual appearance) …it can be sanded and refinished countless times. Yes, it is easier to scratch and more susceptible to water than engineered hardwood, but refinishing is the healing to hardwood’s scars. If blemishes add up, refinish! Then, if they add up again, refinish! It’s a constant cycle that provides a safety net to homeowners with hardwood flooring.

Keep in mind, the refinishing freedom of solid hardwood does not give you the liberty to ignore spills or leaks. Significant water damage can cause serious floor deformities like cupping and curling. Cupping and/or curling make the floor surface uneven, and refinishing an uneven floor is a ruthless task.

ALWAYS protect your solid hardwood floors from moisture!

You can weigh it one way or the other…

So, on one hand you have a floor that is superior in its ability to protect against wear and tear (engineered hardwood), and on the other hand, you have a floor that can basically be redone each and every time wear and tear gets the best of it.

Again, you decide which is best for your home.

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