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Benefits of Carpeting

There are many benefits of having carpeting installed. It adds a sense of coziness to your home or office and comes in a wide variety of patterns and textures. That’s not to mention seemingly endless range of colors to choose from that will please literally every taste.carpet flooring Store Allen TX

Carpeting offers endless options to choose from, and sometimes, the task of choosing the best carpeting can seem overwhelming. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. At Flooring Source of Texas, we can help you choose the right carpeting for your home or office.

In colder weather, carpeting can serve as an extra layer of insulation, further shielding you from the cold weather outside.

Carpeting is also often considered a cleaner alternative to other types of flooring because carpeting can trap and hold dustmites, dander, and other allergens until they can be properly removed. Carpeting typically requires far less maintenance and are known to be easier to clean.

In addition, carpet flooring from the best carpet flooring store in Allen can prove to be much more budget-friendly over time. Not only does carpeting cost less to clean and maintain, they are usually more inexpensive to purchase and install as well.

Carpeting also proves to be a safer alternative to hard surfaces, especially when you have children or elderly people around since it provides padding when compared to the much harder surface(s) offered by wood, marble, or ceramic.

Ease of Maintenance

About 85% of the carpeting in the United States today are nylon-based carpets. The rest is usually wool-based. While nylon is naturally more stain-resistant than wool, wool carpeting tends to wear much better, therefore lasting much longer. However, both nylon and wool carpets are virtually indestructible. After about seven to eight years, you’ll probably notice the fibers of your wool or nylon carpet begin to lose their brightness due to age, but they’ll last  a very long time, even after their shine has faded.

Professional Cleaning Serivces

The most often you should have your carpeting professionally cleaned should be about three or four times a year. For some people, however, this is too frequent. Most people don’t even have their carpeting cleaned professionally once a year. The exception might be households that have small children or pets. Even then, most people will only have areas in their homes that experience high foot traffic cleaned regularly.

Contact the best carpet flooring store in Allen, Flooring Source of Texas, today at (972) 778-6855 to learn more about carpeting and how it may best suit your home. The experts at Flooring Source of Texas are waiting for your call, ready to help you make your home even more special.


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