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Flooring Source of Texas provides home remodeling TX services at low, affordable prices. Expect excellent outcomes across a variety of remodeling services. Our company can install new floors, replace countertops, add fixtures, add walls—we offer all sorts of remodeling options and services. We incorporate premium materials in every remodeling project we undertake. The carpenters that we employ are trained professionals that you trust in accomplishing your home vision.

A Reliable Company for Your Home Remodeling TX

When it comes to remodeling your home, it can be difficult to find the perfect company to do the job. Anytime a makeover is needed on your home, small or big, it is important to find a company you can trust. Flooring Source of Texas is a company you can trust. That may not mean much in theory; however, give us the opportunity and we promise you will be satisfied with our work. Our 33 years of experience speak volumes, providing you with the knowledge you seek. Our carpenters share in that experience. Flooring Source of Texas‘ work will result in high-quality finishes to your home.

Flooring Installations and Repairs

One of the products that we offer is flooring for your home. Our carpenters are experts at designing and installing new flooring. Our primary goal for flooring is to ensure our design compliments its surroundings. The flooring needs to look nice by itself, but it also needs to fit well with the surrounding walls and existing furniture. We offer many types of flooring. This includes hardwood, laminate, and carpet. If you’re looking for quality tile designs, Flooring Source of Texas offers vinyl or marble tiles. You can be rest assured that we’ll be able to achieve any type of decorative layout of your choosing.

Have the Experts Work on Your Walls

Another important job when it comes to home remodeling TX includes adding or removing walls. This can be a big project as it is a significant modification to your home. But that is why you hire the experts at Flooring Source of Texas. Whether you’re looking to make a room bigger by removing a wall or looking to make a room smaller by adding a wall, we can accomplish either. We complete the job in full. We will build the wall, install the drywall for the wall, and paint the wall. Our carpenters will also install any pipes or electrical wiring that will go behind the walls.

Get Great Results with Our Company

Please contact Flooring Source of Texas for all of your remodeling needs. We will make sure you get the best service and the best results. If you do need an estimate, we will send a qualified carpenter to give you an estimate for the overall job. Just contact us by phone, email, or website. Alternatively, you may choose to explore one of our retail locations. Contact us to get the process started; you will surely be satisfied once the process is complete. Visit our blog for super informative information about remodeling and flooring your home.


1. How can I get an estimate for my home remodeling TX project?

Contact Flooring Source of Texas through phone, email, website, or by visiting one of their stores to get a qualified carpenter’s estimate.

2. What types of flooring does Flooring Source of Texas offer for home remodeling TX?

The company provides various flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, and marble tiles.

3. What is the significance of complementing surroundings in flooring design for home remodeling TX?

Flooring Source of Texas emphasizes the importance of flooring design that not only looks good by itself but also complements the surrounding walls and furniture.

4. Can Flooring Source of Texas handle both adding and removing walls in home remodeling TX?

Yes, the experts at Flooring Source of Texas can handle both adding and removing walls as part of their comprehensive home remodeling services.

5. How long has Flooring Source of Texas been in the home remodeling TX industry?

Flooring Source of Texas has 33 years of experience in the home remodeling TX industry, ensuring a wealth of expertise in delivering high-quality finishes.

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No.1 Best Home Remodeling Tx - Flooring Source Of Texas

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