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LAminate Flooring

Laminate – Flooring Source of Texas

Why Choose Laminate from Flooring Source of Texas?

Laminate - Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Flooring

Created from composite wood that’s pressed together at high temperatures, laminate is a highly versatile flooring material. In addition to being strong, laminates are also scratch-resistant and protected by a layer and resin coating. While ideal in just about any room, multi-layer synthetic flooring can be especially appealing in high traffic areas. Customers choosing our laminate-style flooring will also benefit from:

  • Flooring that’s easy to maintain, often with nothing more than a broom or damp mop
  • Affordable flooring available in several price ranges
  • Styles that include a variety of wood, stone, and tile finishes
  • Hypoallergenic qualities because there are no places for dust particles to get trapped
  • Reduced risk of issues with mold thanks to underlayment that provides a moisture barrier

Something for Every Personal Preference

You won’t be sacrificing style with flooring that’s made from processed materials. We have styles available that faithfully reproduce the look of stone, classic hardwoods, and other materials. Unlike some types of hardwood and stone, however, you won’t have to worry about defects or imperfections.

Laminates are flawlessly produced with optimal aesthetic value in mind. Today’s laminate-style materials also have deeper texturing, even more attention to every detail, and better graphic reproduction. Every tile or board will be just as good as the one that was placed before it in terms of overall look and feel.

A Smart, Long-Term Investment

When properly installed, laminates can be a smart investment for any space, from kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and powder room floors to larger work areas, break rooms, and even finished attics or basements. At Flooring Source of Texas, we pride ourselves on providing reliable services that are budget-pleasing and easily accessible.

Easy Installation

No matter how big or small the job may be, we’re your trusted source for beautifully durable and cost-effective laminate-style flooring that can be easily installed. All that’s needed is to do some initial surface prep before laying down your new floor. If you have existing flooring, a basic inspection and cleaning of the underlying surface after removal is often all that will be necessary with a new installation.

No Fuss, Just Maximum Satisfaction

You also won’t have to worry about lengthy disruptions during the installation process with any of our laminates. This is definitely a plus if you’re a business owner who can’t afford to shut things down just to have new or replacement floors installed, or a homeowner with a busy schedule. Installation with this type of flooring can be done fairly quickly with minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction. Modern laminates like the ones we offer are even easier to install because of click-lock or fold-lock features that allow the planks to fit together seamlessly.

Why Laminate Flooring in Flower Mound, TX

Honest Estimates

After you’ve made your selection, we’ll gladly provide an honest estimate for your approval. If you like what you see, simply let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Find the top-quality laminate flooring you need for your residential or commercial spaces from Flooring Source of Texas. Contact us today to talk to a friendly member of our team about your flooring needs. Be sure to check out our tiles, vinyl, carpet, our remodeling services we offer as well as our blog. Contact us today for more information or help scheduling your renovation.


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Laminate - Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Flooring

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