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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl – Flooring Source of Texas

Vinyl Tile 

Vinyl - Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Flooring

You want to have beautiful floors in your home, but you don’t want to spend a small fortune to get them. Vinyl floors offer a great balance of beauty, cost-efficiency, and durability. When installed well by our professional installers, your new floors will give you many years of usefulness and beauty.

While most elements of your home, such as doors, windows, cabinets, baseboards, and crown molding, only cover a limited area of your home, flooring is necessary in each and every room. That’s why choosing the right flooring is such a crucial decision for reflecting your personal tastes and meeting your needs. At the same time, since so much flooring is required, its cost can quickly rise too high to fit your budget.

That’s where vinyl flooring comes in. This type of flooring ensures that you get a beautiful product that can match nearly any look you’re seeking. You also get a durable product that will stand up to years of heavy use. Finally, you get a cost-effective product whose price really can’t be beat, especially when you consider all of its great features.

A Look to Match Every Taste

You might think that by choosing this type of flooring, you’re limiting yourself on your style options. What you’re really choosing when you choose this type of flooring, though, is the ability to match, with astonishing accuracy, just about any look that can be accomplished with other materials that are far more expensive. Whether you’re looking to have marble flooring, porcelain tile, reclaimed wood, or something less common, you can achieve that look using the high-quality printed designs of vinyl flooring.

As technology has improved, so has this type of flooring’s ability to more closely resemble other types of flooring, while continuing to become even more cost-effective. Flooring of this type that is installed correctly will provide the great look you’re after, no matter your style. Perhaps the best part is that this type of flooring is extremely low-maintenance, being able to be easily swept and mopped clean. It’s also fade, tear, chip, rust, stain, and scratch resistant, something its more expensive counterparts can’t always claim. Add to that the fact that it’s nearly totally waterproof and you end up with a material that is great for just about anyone.

Your Look, Achieved

To ensure you receive the highest-quality and longest-lasting results with this type of flooring, proper installation is crucial to allow the product to perform as designed. Any seams in the product can be places for dirt to collect and for the material to begin to crack and curl. Unless, that is, the product is correctly installed. Our team of experts take great pride in their work. They know that even though you haven’t selected the most expensive material, you still want the highest-quality results. They will carefully measure the spaces where you’re having your new flooring installed to ensure the material fits perfectly.

One of the biggest challenges with this type of flooring is ensuring it fits snugly around the edges. In a kitchen, for example, each cabinet base, threshold, vent, and any other intrusion must be carefully cut around from the larger piece of material so that it extends right to the edge, with any seams being discretely concealed. By taking their time to measure your room, they will know exactly where to make the cuts, then their skilled hands take over to make those cuts the perfect size and shape to ensure a snug fit.

Why Luxury Vinyl Tile in Flower Mound, TX?

When the process is done, we will continue to follow-up with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and provide any advice you need on caring for your beautiful floors. We want you to reach out to us for any remodeling need you may have but we know we can only ask for that if we exceed your expectations on the current project we’re completing for you. Be sure to check out our tiles, carpet, laminate, our remodeling services we offer as well as our blog. Contact us today for more information or help scheduling your renovation. Stop searching for a flooring store near me and come into Flooring Source of Texas today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is vinyl flooring suitable for high-traffic areas?

Yes, vinyl flooring is wear-resistant and ideal for high-traffic areas.

2. How does vinyl tile compare to more expensive materials in terms of appearance?

Vinyl tile can accurately replicate the look of expensive materials, offering a cost-effective alternative.

3. What makes professional installation crucial for vinyl flooring?

Professional installers ensure precise cuts and a snug fit, avoiding issues like dirt accumulation and material damage.

4. Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

Yes, vinyl flooring is nearly waterproof, making it suitable for areas prone to moisture.

5. How fast is the installation process for luxury vinyl tile?

Luxury vinyl tile offers fast installation, minimizing disruptions during the renovation process.

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Vinyl - Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Flooring

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