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Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops – Flooring Source of Texas

No.1 Best Granite Countertops - Flooring Source Of Texas

The greatness of granite

There is not a more inviting countertops material than granite. Granite single-handedly creates an elegant, attention-grabbing look to a room. Whether installed in a kitchen, bathroom, or a home bar, the natural stone will take over the room, and only in a good way. Kitchens are the leading remodeling project in today’s modern world. So many kitchens are outdated, thus, due for complete overhauls. As part of the overhaul, make your new kitchen worth the while by installing durable and extremely long-lasting granite countertops.

How durable are granite countertops?

Again, granite is a natural stone. It has survived the test of time; therefore, it should survive the test of your home. Granite is arguably the hardest of stone countertops options. Harder than limestone, harder than travertine, and harder than marble. The only other stone that gives granite a run for its money in terms of hardness is quartz. Granite can withstand practically any impact. Common mishandlings that occur in kitchens and/or bathrooms will have no effect on granite. If you drop a crock pot, no damage will be done to the granite. The same goes for a blow dryer or straightener in a bathroom.

Granite is also heat resistant. It will be able to endure extreme temperatures. For instance, an oven tray that just came out of a 425° oven will not damage a granite countertops in the event that the two come in contact. One slight drawback to granite is the fact that it is a porous stone. Porous, meaning, water can penetrate the surface if atop the surface a considerable time span. However, simply having your granite sealed will rid of this drawback. Experts recommend to have granite sealed, then re-sealed every 2-3 years to maximize its life span. Ultimately, very little can damage granite. That is why it last for so long.

How flexible is the design of a granite countertops?

No two slabs of granite are the same. It is literally impossible to find a slab of granite identical to another. Thus, granite countertops are special. You can say with complete truth that your granite countertops is the only one of its kind. Granite has an unlimited number of design options. It can be found in all sorts of hues with all sorts of meshes. Flooring Source of Texas has ample granite options in stock at all times. Our stores will show you firsthand just how beautiful and versatile granite countertops can be.

The combination of its durability and elegant designs make granite the premier countertops selection. Quartz is beautiful as well, but it is more expensive than granite. Travertine and limestone offer great looks to a room, though, neither is as durable as granite. At the end of your countertops search, you simply cannot argue against the greatness of granite.

Where do I buy granite and how do I install granite?

Flooring Source of Texas is the answer to both questions. We’re not just a flooring store. We offer expertise beyond the world of flooring and into the world of countertops. Not only do we offer spot on advice, but we also offer countertops installation. An expert will visit your home and complete a free countertops estimate. Once complete, we’ll schedule an installation appointment. You purchase the granite and we will deliver it and install it. The process is that simple. Contact or visit Flooring Source of Texas today to get one step closer to improving the look of your home. Visit our blog for additional news and information relevant to our products and our industry.

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No.1 Best Granite Countertops - Flooring Source Of Texas

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