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Stone | Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Remodeling

If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful material that can pass the test of time, stone is the most ageless and durable material you can use. Knowing the right types to use in the right places can create an elegant and timeless look that will add beauty and value to your home. Add that to top-notch installation and you’ve got the perfect combination of stunning elegance and ageless value.

Stone is the perfect material to use for your home because it is durable and beautiful. Its natural colors create a calming and tranquil atmosphere and its permanence sends a message of your home being a strong fortress that shelters from the cares of the world. If you think about great civilizations of the past, the most substantial remnants that we have from them are made of stone. It can last for ages untold in its natural, undisturbed state and it will lend this same durability to any home in which it is installed.

A Material with Many Uses

When many people think of stone, they immediately think of the granite or marble contained in countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. To be sure, this is an excellent use of this stone and one we take pride in providing to our customers. However, in addition to countertops, stone can be used in floors or in addition to just about any other finishing material.

Have an entryway to a room that doesn’t need a door? Create an archway instead and make that entrance truly “grand.” Have a pool that you want to transform into a relaxing oasis? Utilize accents throughout its construction to give it a beautiful Mediterranean vibe. Perhaps more than any other material used in the home, what you do with stone is truly only limited by your own imagination.

Part of finding the right inspiration to using this material in your home involves having access to a large variety of types and colors to choose from. Once you see what the options are, you will begin to understand just how many different applications stone can have. If you’re still stuck, our designers are happy to provide you with inspirational ideas to transform your home into the retreat you’ve been looking for.

Rock-Solid Installation

Stone is heavy. While this weight helps ensure its long-term durability, it also makes it more difficult to install correctly in the many different applications in which it is used. In some installations, material weights can exceed 1,000 pounds. With weights this high, you need more than a few strong backs. You need specialized experience and equipment to ensure the material gets to its installation point without being broken or without breaking something else. Our professional installers carefully study every home they enter to find the best routes to get the stone where it needs to be without causing chaos in the rest of the home.

They also take special care to accurately measure the space where the material will end up to ensure it fits correctly the first time. While stone is not impossible to adjust if something is amiss, this adjustment typically happens only with great difficulty and a large inconvenience to you, the homeowner. By confirming each measurement on the site and consulting with you to ensure every aspect of the project is completely understood, there is far less concern for errors which could be difficult to fix.

In some installations, stone does require a small amount of special care to ensure its lasting beauty. As a company, we pledge to continually follow-up with you to assist you in taking care of your investment and to make that care as easy as possible. We are committed to your satisfaction because we believe that’s the right way to treat people and because we know that’s how we like to be treated, as well. Be sure to check out our tilesvinylcarpet, our remodeling services we offer as well as our blogContact Flooring Source of Texas today for more information or help scheduling your renovation.  

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Stone | Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Remodeling

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