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Dallas Granite

Dallas Granite

Granite has long been one of the most sought after materials for kitchens, bathrooms and bar tops. The natural stone offers so many great qualities that it’s difficult to pass up. If you’re a homeowner looking to enhance both design and function to some aspect of your home, rely on Dallas granite.

It’s easy for us to tell you how nice granite countertops will look throughout your home. Rather than making a blanket statement, allow us to detail all that granite will bring to your home…

Undeniable Appeal

Dallas graniteDesign will be the first thing to catch your attention. There is no such thing as an intentional granite design. That’s part of what makes granite so unique, and that’s part of what makes Dallas granite so mesmerizing.

The grain can consist of any number of colors. It can have different patterns, streaks, fades… however you want to describe a slab, you’ll be describing natural beauty. It’s the randomness of granite that makes the material so vast and intriguing.

The many different color options can drive a buyer crazy in his/her attempt to find the perfect granite. We recommend you consider your entire kitchen layout, determine if you want your countertop to stand out or blend in, and choose a wholesome color. Granite grain is random, but every slab has a base color, whether it be white, gray, black, brown, beige, etc.

Choose a base color first and then visit a shop for close up looks at specific slabs.

Natural Durability

Sprouting from the Earth itself, granite can endure even the toughest threats. Threats posed by a kitchen or bathroom certainly won’t doom the material. Installed granite should last for as long as you live in the home. Poor maintenance and neglection can fade the color, but the slab itself will stand strong practically forever.

Durability will matter even if you plan to sell your Dallas, TX home. Buyers will love the idea of moving into a home that already has granite countertops. They won’t have to go through the purchase and installation process themselves; therefore, they’ll be willing to pay more for the home. Granite adds value to your home.

Appearance and durability seem to go hand in hand among homeowners. That says a lot about granite durability because design is typically far and away the biggest sell for any kitchen or bathroom tweak.

Simple Maintenance

A smooth surface like granite is of course easy to clean and maintain. All you really need is a sponge. You can wet the sponge and run it over the surface a few times per week or every time after cooking up a big meal.

There are products available meant specifically for cleaning granite. Just try to avoid acidic cleaners, as they can fade the color and wear away any sealer that was placed over the surface.

A seal is necessary due to the porousness of granite. If not sealed, bits of moisture or liquid can seep through the seams and harm the pristineness of the countertop material. A sealant can last up to 10 years with today’s advancements.

Heat Resistance

Dallas graniteWith granite being the premier option for kitchen countertops, you would hope it can withstand some serious heat. It can.

Granite can take on anything fresh out of the oven or microwave. Your countertops will stay in fine shape — no wear and tear. Don’t take advantage of them too much however, as damage can be done if granite is exposed to heat over long periods of time. That’s why it’s highly recommended you use a trivet or stove top to hold hot items if you intend for them to stay in one place for awhile.

Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance is another benefit of Dallas granite, especially regarding kitchen install. Granite is nearly impossible to scratch. It would take a mighty effort, and something tells me you’ll never intentionally attempt to scratch the surface.

The material’s resistance is so powerful that it can actually dull any knives or sharp object that come in contact with it. So, you won’t scratch granite by cutting over it, but you may weaken the cutting object.

Flooring Source of Texas

If you are in the market for Dallas granite, call or visit Flooring Source of Texas! We have tons of granite options for you to look over. We also have plenty of granite installers available.

Just set a date with us for the estimate and installation and we’ll take take it from there. We’ll determine the specific measurements, transfer your granite from our shop to your home, and then take the project full circle by greatly advancing and modernizing your home!

For more information, please visit Click onto our blog to find many additional home remodeling tips.

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