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Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpeting is wildly popular in the flooring world now. If you pay close attention to interior design, then there’s a big chance that you know all about it. Frieze carpeting is made up of twisted fibers. Many people think of it as being an update on shag carpeting of decades past. If you’re trying to figure out what kind of carpeting your home requires, you should find out what makes frieze carpeting so attractive to so many people these days. People who own pets are often fans of this carpet. People who run busy households are often fans of it as well.

This Carpeting Can Manage Substantial Foot Traffic

Frieze carpet includes tiny fibers that make it optimal for sections of the home that receive substantial foot traffic. The fibers that are part of this carpet have the ability to hide all sorts of imperfections. They can hide footprints, discoloration, staining and debris. This carpeting is resilient and brings longevity to the equation. It doesn’t call for significant maintenance work at all, either. If you’re searching for carpeting that won’t demand a lot of your time, then you’ll greatly appreciate its low upkeep needs.

This Carpeting Can Satisfy Your Aesthetic Preferences

Frieze carpeting can be eye candy for any residential space. It’s accessible in a broad assortment of contemporary patterns and colors. If you’re looking for carpeting that can be a good fit for the rest of your interior design scheme, you should have no trouble finding a frieze option that can accommodate you nicely. This carpet can also be a nice thing for people who dislike the appearance of seams. Since it has fibers that are so lengthy, keeping seams out of sight and out of mind is a walk in the park for it.

This Carpeting Feels Lovely

It’s always imperative to prioritize carpeting that has a wonderful look. It’s just as crucial, however, to prioritize carpeting that feels wonderful. What good is home carpeting that’s not comfortable? Frieze carpeting boasts an even and smooth texture. It has dense materials that are particularly welcoming in times of cold weather. If you want to walk on carpeting that feels cottony, you need it. If you want to walk on carpeting that can warm up your body in times of frigid weather, you need it, too. Its insulation abilities are worth noting.

This Carpeting Works in Many Different Parts of the Home

Frieze carpeting can make a superb addition to all kinds of residential settings. People often use it in living rooms. It’s frequently spotted in master bedrooms and in hallways. It isn’t even unusual to observe it on stairs. Frieze carpeting tends to blend in with interior design elements that are laid-back and low-key.

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Frieze carpet can make your home look wonderful and inspired. It can introduce more convenience to your living space as well. When you need frieze carpeting in the Flower Mound, Texas area, Flooring Source of Texas can save the day. Our frieze carpeting is:

  • Contemporary
  • Sturdy
  • Accessible in many colors

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