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Quartzite Tile Flooring Allen TX

Upgrade to the Latest in Flooring with Quartzite Tile

Are you looking to add a bold material to the interior or exterior of your home? Something completely new, tasteful, and different? Quartzite flooring tiles from the best quartzite flooring store in Allen, Flooring Source of Texas, might be  just what you’re looking for.Quartzite Tile Flooring Allen TX

Recently, stone flooring has been becoming ever more popular among home and business owners. Stone flooring offers not only an elegant appearance, but also an undeniable durability, adding a dramatic effect to any indoor or outdoor space. And quartzite flooring tile is quickly rising in popularity. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone formed by heat and pressure within the earth’s crust over thousands of years. Quartzite features a glossy appearance due to its being a combination of feldspar, mica, and quartz. It basically holds the same texture as slate and is an extremely strong stone.

Pure quartzite is mainly of a white or gray color, holding some red, brown, or pink streaks due to the presence of various iron oxides within the stone. The texture and final appearance is a product of many years of tectonic pressure which lends to its magnificent appearance. Quartzite is especially scratch- and heat-resistant, making it perfect for countertop usage.

A Particularly Dense Stone

You will find that quartzite is particularly dense when compared to other stone flooring options. The tiles themselves, being a natural formation, will vary in thickness for approximately one half to one inch. The tile is also quite heavy due to its density which lends itself to the particularly long durability of quartzite. The extreme density of this stone is proven by the fact that it has been given a hardness ranking of seven on the Mohr Mineral Hardness Scale.

A Choice of Finishes

Quartzite can be finished one of two ways; polished or honed. Polished quartzite will be smooth and glossy and is usually the finish chosen for interior applications. The color patterns of the quartzite will be greatly enhanced upon polishing. The way in which you intend to utilize the tiles will ultimately determine the method of polishing. For instance, for high-traffic and exterior-to-interior transition areas, you’ll probably want a quartzite that is less polished, as it will also be less slippery.

As with any stone flooring option you choose, the finished product must be sealed before being installed. Sealing will protect the stone from staining due to the inevitable spills that take place every day. Cleaning a properly sealed Quartzite floor is easy and the best cleaning product is available at Flooring Source of Texas.

Contact the best quartzite flooring store in Allen today at (972) 778-6855 to learn more about quartzite tile flooring and installation, and how it may best serve your needs. The pros at Flooring Source of Texas are waiting for your call, ready to help you make your home even more special.


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