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Shower Remodel Allen TX

Shower Remodel Allen TX

Take a step back and realize how important your shower is to the overall bathroom design. The shower/tub combo with a curtain is no longer “in”. That look might fly with a guest bathroom, but not for your coveted master bath. Now, it’s all about walk-in showers! If your shower is not up to or above par, consider a shower remodel Allen TX.

We highly recommend any one of these cool ideas for shower remodel Allen TX:

Frameless glass shower doors

shower remodel Allen TXGive your bathroom a sleek appeal by installing the highest quality frameless glass shower doors. Not only do they look luxurious, but they’ll make the space seem larger because no barriers (such as a curtain or frames) will get in the way. Also, you won’t have to worry about any frames getting moldy.

You cannot go wrong with frameless glass doors. They are all the rage right now, and they won’t be going away anytime soon.

Unique back wall as the focal point

If you really want to grab someone’s attention the moment he/she walks in, slap a unique design on the back wall of your shower area. Nothing is more attention grabbing than a mosaic.

There are many mesmerizing stone and porcelain mosaics to choose from from tile manufacturers — different tile shapes, sizes, and colors. A focal point back wall is perfect for bathrooms in which the entrance faces the back wall.

Make the most of natural light

Natural light can work wonders for a bathroom. Like frameless glass shower doors, it makes the area seem bigger, more welcoming, and less confined. If your bathroom layout allows for it, many homeowners have corner showers installed in areas that natural light is flowing through.

This strategic layout gives a bathroom every chance to shine bright. A window on a shower wall, or a skylight in the ceiling, will brighten a small space.

Open shower – NO doors

For very large master bathrooms, the “no shower door” concept can look very elegant as a shower remodel Allen TX. You can turn a corner and walk right in. The shower bay will have to be very spacious, however, as you don’t any water to spray out and onto the bathroom floor.

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels

Another way to extend a bathroom is by installing floor-to-ceiling glass panels to enclose your shower. The home improvement project will enhance the beauty of the bathing space. The look is best if your bathroom ceiling is higher than what’s customary in a home. An ordinary floor-to-ceiling space can feel crammed with floor-to-ceiling glass panels.


If you budgets allows it, treat yourself to a spa inside your home. Place a floating tub in the middle of a spacious bathroom. Install a large walk-in shower loaded with all the gadgets — rain showers heads, handheld shower heads with water pressure control, shower bench.

If you are someone who likes to take long showers before and after a long day’s work, you might as well maximize the comfort and relaxation.

Half shower wall

Some homeowners have opted in for the half shower wall. Basically, instead of having surrounding shower walls or a glass pane covering from head to toe, a half wall is placed in front of the shower. No door, and often the half wall is the only wall if the shower is installed in the corner of the bathroom.

This is another design concept that makes a small space larger.


The colors used for a bathroom design can be influential as well. The contrasting scheme is an appealing one. For example, filling a bathroom with black cabinetry, white countertops and white walls. For the shower, you can offset the white/black perhaps with dark gray natural stone walling.

If you want to go bolder, consider matching colors like dark blue or burgundy red with white. Everything matches with white, it’s just a matter of properly proportioning the colors. Interchanging white with a light gray can also be an enticing look.


What about a white/light gray bathroom? We said lighter colors make a space larger. These two colors can combine for absolute luxury.

Imagine light gray porcelain tile, white cabinets, a white marble or granite countertop with gray grain or streak. You can line the shower with light gray porcelain tile or natural stone. These “basic” color schemes will create a very pleasant atmosphere.

Material mix-up

Freedom is the greatest part of bathroom remodeling and shower remodel Allen TX. You have your choice of colors, materials, layout, etc. There are a million ways to put together a bathroom design. So many ways that you are likely to be overwhelmed.

That’s why we suggest getting in touch with a remodeling contractor. A contractor has access to all the materials. He/she will be aware of the current design trends and will help you through the decision making process.

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