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Textured Carpet

If you are planning to purchase a carpet for your home or office, the chances are that you will be confused by the unlimited styles and types. One of the most common types of carpet you will come across when shopping is textured carpet. Most people often wonder what a textured carpet is and what makes it different from other forms of carpet flooring. Before you can pick the right carpet, you need to know some essential things about this carpeting. This post will act as your guide.

How textured carpets are made

Textured carpets are a popular type of carpeting thanks to the way they are designed. This carpeting is created by spinning individual-yard strands into spirals which are later pressed down via a heated steamer. The twisted fibers used make the carpet less likely to show dirt, dense or tracks, and extremely hardwearing. This carpet is perfect for any high traffic area or for people with pets or kids. Moreover, most varieties can be combined with modern furniture displays.

Because heating processes are used when making textured carpeting, more synthetic materials are used to create it like polyurethane and other forms of plastics or nylon like polyester. Carpeting made with synthetic yarn is less expensive. However, there are imitation materials that don’t last long.

The other element that dictates how dirt resistant and durable your carpet will be is how dense the fiber is or whether it has an intergraded stain-resistant finish. Whether you choose a carpet made of nylon, wool, or polyester, find out more about the density of the fiber used.

Advantages of textured carpets

  • There are easy to clean compared to other types
  • In most cases, these carets are treated to offer more stain resistance
  • Indentation created by a heavy object is less noticeable
  • They don’t wear down easily like other types
  • It’s easier to wipe away mud, food, drink spills and dirt
  • Materials used to make them is less costly making them less expensive
  • Foot and vacuum marks are less visible
  • They are available in a wide range of shades that work well with both classic and modern interior displays
  • They cannot be easily ruined by liquid or moisture
  • In case of a strong beverage spill, the odor is less prevalent
  • Debris, liquids, and dirt soak less deeply into the fabric

Tips to maximize your carpet’s lifespan

  • Pick a carpet that has an inbuilt stain-resistant finish. Look for finishes that are suitable for your home or office environment. Note that there are brands that provide specialized finishes for those who own pets.
  • Check the warranty details before purchasing your textured carpet to know what is covered.
  • Have a kit of cleaning tools for using in case of accidents or spills.


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