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How to clean a natural stone tile floor

Cleaning natural stone tile floor

Natural stone tile—the most beautiful type of flooring on the market. Nothing tops its sleek, pristine appearance. The trick, however, is to maintain its sleek, pristine appearance. The last thing you want is to spend a healthy amount on your natural stone tile floor and then let it lose its taste. Thus, you want to take the proper precautions and execute specific steps to keeping it clean. Two step cleaning process:


natural stone tile floorNatural stone flooring does a great job in covering up dirt, along with other unwanted particles. Stone generally comes in darker colors, such as gray or black, so the particles will blend. Even white natural stone can cover up dirt due to the darker variations of grains throughout each tile. Nevertheless, you still want to clean it so dust and dirt doesn’t pile up and start to show. All it takes is a broom and a dust pan to clear the surface. Surely you have both laying around the house somewhere, right? There is no strategic way to sweep a natural stone tile floor. Just sweep, collect, and trash the dirt and dust. If you use a vacuum… Just make sure the vacuum has a hard floor setting. In addition, make sure the bristles are in off position when you are vacuuming your natural stone tile floor. The bristles have the capabilities of scratching the surface, especially with softer stones such as limestone.


Mopping natural stone surfaces is simple as well, though, it requires slightly more action. A mop and a bucket of water will do the trick, but you may want to look into buying specific stone cleaners from your local department store. Often times, you should be able to find specialized cleaning information from the manufacturer’s label or from the manufacturer directly. Avoid acidic cleaning substances like vinegar and/or lemon juice. Acidic substances can stain and decolor natural stone tiling. As long as you clean somewhat routinely, all you should need to keep your stone floor clean and shiny is a mop and a bucket of water. It is important to understand that natural stone types are porous. Porous, meaning moisture can seep through the surface and cause damage at the core of the floor. Therefore, you want to keep the floor from high volumes of moisture or long-term exposure to moisture. Mopping with water is fine, just don’t pour the water directly on the tile and don’t mop each tile more than you have to. A few mop strokes is all that is needed to clean each tile piece. To counteract the porous threat, SEAL your natural stone floor. Ultimately, there is no need to overthink cleaning natural stone tile floor. Simple is good. The simple approach saves time and is effective. Sweep and mop your floor a few times a week and it will be well-maintained and it will look good as new.

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