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Tile – Flooring Source of Texas

Tile - Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Flooring

Tile – Flooring Source of Texas[/caption]Flooring Source of Texas offers a vast assortment of tiles ranging from ceramic, porcelain, glass tile, glass/stone mix, and so much more. We have several well-stocked outlets that are well-equipped with design consultants who can assist you in completing your free tile estimate.

At Flooring Source of Texas, we have all of your flooring needs covered and there is no reason to wander around looking for other flooring companies. We sell our products at reasonable prices and we ensure that our esteemed customers are satisfied with what we offer. Our staff at Flooring Source of Texas always reviews the latest design trends to ensure we are keeping our edge within the industry. Our customers have the opportunity to choose from a range of elegant designs in order to find the best fit for their décor.

We offer great deals for our flooring and we do not charge for the estimate itself. The process is simple: We send one of our professionals to your home or business, they write a free estimate, and we discuss installation and service from there. We do all the work, all you have to do is make your product selection for us to execute the work.

Additionally, customers can maximize their value from the purchase with our guaranteed lifetime installation warranty service. We pride ourselves in precision and accuracy; however, mistakes do happen as our professionals are human. That is why we offer the warranty service to go along with our service.

Flooring Source of Texas is the most sought-after flooring provider when it comes to product and design options.  Our customers have the choice to purchase our products in many different colors. We understand the many preferences in which customers have and our goal is to meet the preferences of the customer. And of course, our professionally trained floor contractors will install your chosen Factory Source floor in accordance with the industries best practices.

We have also noticed that some of our customers are keen on buying new arrivals in the market. In order to best prepare for the popularity of new arrivals, we ensure our inventory is refreshed for each product that is purchased. This keeps us up-to-date with inventory and ensures accuracy within our systems and with our customers.

Different tiles are made from different materials. We are always stocked with the needed materials for our products. This is the case for both materials and size. We find it helpful to customers when they can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and are not confined to just one size and one design. That is part of what makes Flooring Source of Texas unique: we are driven by the customer.


Why Tile Flooring in Flower Mound, TX


Flooring Source of Texas is a Professional Floor Contractor that Installs:


We take great pride in our products, but servicing our customers is our top priority. Visit us today at Flooring Source of Texas to see what all we are talking about. We guarantee you will leave satisfied. Be sure to check out our laminate, vinyl, carpet, our remodeling services we offer as well as our blog. Contact us today for more information or help scheduling your renovation.



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Tile - Flooring Source Of Texas - No.1 Best Flooring

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