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What to know about engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Are you familiar with engineered hardwood flooring? You’ve probably walked on it before, but you probably also mistook it for actual hardwood. Yes, engineered hardwood will trick you like that. It’s meant to look identical to hardwood; however, there are a number of noteworthy differences.


engineered hardwood flooringEngineered hardwood flooring can be considered a hybrid between hardwood and laminate. Like laminate, engineered hardwood is layered. Like hardwood, engineered hardwood is meant to, well, look like hardwood. Frankly, the engineered surface takes only the best qualities from each laminate and hardwood.

A single engineered hardwood plank consists of a bottom layer of moisture resistant hardwood, a top layer veneer that is made up of actual hardwood, and multiple layers of plywood in between. The veneer is generally covered with at least five polyurethane-based coats to best protect it from wear.

The moisture protected bottom layer makes the floor type unique as it can be used in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also, its laminate construction prevents shrinking and expanding—weaknesses to actual hardwood planks.


Engineered hardwood lasts for a very long time. In fact, the product generally carries up to a 30-year warranty. Its hardness compares to actual hardwood, and its layering actually triumphs hardwood in qualities like moisture resistance and scratching.

Again, engineered hardwood flooring offers more flexibility than hardwood. While hardwood can be used in kitchens and/or bathrooms, it is often considered a risk and therefore rarely done. There is no such risk with engineered wood. Don’t go as far as installing it outdoors, but it will be able to withstand the moisture amount presented by a kitchen or a bathroom.


You’ll love to hear this. All it takes to maintain an engineered hardwood floor is a wet mop and a vacuum. Given the floor’s moisture resistance, you won’t even have to worry about how long it takes for the floor to dry. Run a mop over the floor once or twice a week and it should maintain its pristine condition. Vacuuming is welcome, though, be sure the bristles are in off mode as they can scratch the surface if constantly used.

You will still want to cleanup spills right away, just as you would with true hardwood. There is certainly more leniency, but moisture still can surpass the engineered surface, it just has many more difficult layers to seep through, as opposed to hardwood.


engineered hardwood flooringEngineered hardwood will usually range from $4-$15 per square foot. Similar, but on the lower end to the typical cost of hardwood. Engineered benefits from lower installation costs, less of a need for staining and less of a need for sealing.

One downside to engineered hardwood flooring, however, is it can only be refinished maybe one or two times. Reason being, the veneer layer is so incredibly thin that it would completely vanish if refinished more times than it should. Just some food for thought; make sure you discuss with an expert before having an engineered hardwood floor refinished.


Even with all of these standout qualities, the fact that engineered hardwood floors have practically the exact appeal as hardwood plank floors puts the floor type over the top. Take into account all of the positive qualities and a consumer truly cannot go wrong with engineered hardwood flooring.

It is not restricted whatsoever. You can choose any type of hardwood material and apply it to the engineered version. This covers oak, cherry, maple, walnut…you name it! Add the selected hardwood as the top layer (veneer) and your home will carry the same look as a home with hardwood plank flooring. This results in a cozy, welcoming, timeless, visually appealing look that will last for many years.

If you are sold on engineered hardwood flooring, Flooring Source of Texas is your top source for purchase and installation. Our experts will complete a free estimate and will execute a precise installation to give you a brand-new floor. If you’re not quite sold, we’ll also be ready to field any questions you may have about the unique floor type. Contact Flooring Source of Texas today at (972) 778-6855 to make it happen! Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful flooring and home remodeling information.


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