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Home Office Design: 5 Important Considerations

Home Office Design

Working from home is somewhat of a catch-22. You get to work from the luxury of your own home, but you also have to avoid the relaxation aspect of home. Thus, the importance of a home office! A home office essentially creates a work atmosphere, but with a homey touch. In order to appropriately mix work and home while at home, you should look to these five considerations in your home office design:

1. Functionality

To optimize your work productivity, you need an office that functions the way you need it to. Computer set up, phone connectivity and internet connectivity are of obvious importance. If you have to participate in conference calls or video conferencing then those functions must be readily available at all times.

home office designThough, the little things matter too. Filing cabinets, bookshelves, floating shelves, dividers, drawers…all of these things need to be organized for easy access. You want to have it to where all of your work stays in your office, but none of it is clustered. So, make use of your drawers and take advantage of a filing cabinet. Don’t have more storage in your office than you make use of.

2. Peace & Quiet

Also, to help with work productivity, you need to be free from distraction. This may be an easier goal to achieve in some Dallas, TX homes than others. However, some homes contain young children that are home for summer and dogs that are always anxious to be heard. Therefore, it always helps to have an office door. If you don’t have one then you should get one. Privacy while working is too important to risk distraction.

You can also face your desk away from the entryway or hallway to help zone out some noise. Or you can place a bookshelf between your desk and your office door to block sound waves. If you still can’t get peace and quiet, you can always confront the noise directly.

3. Comfort

Next of the home office design considerations is comfort. You don’t want to be so comfortable that you risk falling asleep, but you deserve some good comfort. After all, you are working in your own home! Take advantage of the many great options for ergonomic chairs. You’ll be sitting in the chair a lot so be sure your comfortable and free from back problems.

Get yourself a wrist pad to comfort your typing and maybe even a foot rest if your office stands on hardwood floors. This is the one instance in which you don’t have to deal with whatever hand-me-down office equipment your company provides you. So make the most of it!

4. Personalization

On that note, you also have the opportunity to personalize your home office design. Sure, you can personalize your work cubicle to some extent, but this is a home office we’re talking about. Make it an area that you are proud of. Photos of your family, posters, memorabilia…there is something about making a room your own that brings out your best.

Given the amount of time you will spend in your office, you want to make it a place that you want to be (within reason). This doesn’t mean you should install a flat screen or a stereo, but it does mean creating an atmosphere that you are happy with and that you can work productively in.

5. Lighting

Lastly, account for your vision with home office design. You get to avoid the annoying fluorescent lighting from a company office and make use of natural light. Locate your desk in an area of the room where natural light is at its finest, but where there is no glare.

It’s probably a good idea to have a small lamp on your desk so you have some direct light to work with when needed. The daytime may not be the only time you are in your office, unfortunately. A desk lamp can work wonders when you have to carry your work into the night hours.

If you are looking for assistance with home office design, look no further than Flooring Source of Texas. You may be able to handle much of the design on your own; however, if your interested in new floors, new paint, or any type of cabinetry for your office, Flooring Source can help! Give us a call at (972) 778-6855 or visit our website— And feel free to visit our blog for additional home remodeling input.

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