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5 Common Home Remodeling Myths

Common Home Remodeling Myths

Before you dive into a home remodeling project, let’s dispose of some common myths that many remodelers get suckered into. In all likelihood, there’s already enough going through your head; therefore, there is no need to overcomplicate a remodel and waste your time doing things that you don’t need to in attempt to add value to your Dallas, TX home.

Trendy is the way to go

Remodeling in accordance with current trends seems sensible, but always keep your long-term outlook in mind. If you love your home and never plan on moving then remodel it however you want. Though, if you expect to some day move, there’s a good chance your favorite current trend will have ran its course by the time you place your home on the market. If you are remodeling for the present and the future, be wise in general color selection and materials selection for major home ingredients like flooring.

I am capable of completing the remodel on my own

home remodelingDo not get ahead of yourself. A remodeling project is very specific; you don’t want to screw it up by attempting something you’ve never attempted before. Unless you have advanced carpentry skills, the bulk of the remodel is probably best left to professionals.

Yes, there are some things you will certainly be able to accomplish on your own, but full-on installation of big-ticket items like new flooring or new countertops needs to be handled by an expert. Plus, most all remodeling companies include warranty in their work—something you will not have if you remodel on your own.

A remodel will without a doubt add value to my home

There is no guarantee that a remodel will add value to your Dallas, TX home. It depends on the materials you currently have and the ones you plan to use for the remodel. Changing your living room floor from carpet to hardwood will add value; however, changing from hardwood to granite might not. Plus, you just don’t know what materials will be in high demand at the time you sell your home. Ultimately, it’s best to remodel with consistent flooring materials like hardwood and marble, and countertops materials like quartz and marble.

A pool will certainly add to my home value

Pools are risky, that’s about the best way we can sum it up. Assuming you are reading this from your Texas home, a pool is safer for you than it is for a homeowner in Minnesota (from a value standpoint). Reason being, Texas weather adheres to pool usage for the majority of the year.

A pool is not something to include in your backyard in the sole attempt to increase your home’s value. Rather, you should install a pool for personal, family, or guest entertainment purposes. That way you get your money’s worth while you have it. In the end, it may add value, but don’t get your hopes up.

Inside upgrades are more important than outside ones

Upgrades to your home interior can make a big difference, but so can outdoor upgrades. Keep in mind the importance of a first impression. If/when you put your home on the market, the initial step to reeling buyers in is a first impression. Improvements such as adding bedrock over soil or creating a stone path can influence buyers. Also, something as simple as repainting your front door can be a worthy upgrade. Frankly, outdoor improvements are far easier and cheaper than indoor improvements.

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