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How to clean natural stone tile floor

Cleaning a natural stone tile floor

Natural stone tile floors offer a beautiful, exquisite look to a home. Stones like granite, quartz, marble, travertine and limestone make for outstanding flooring options. Each also offers top-notch quality and durability. A natural stone tile floor will naturally last for a long time, but it is up to the homeowner to clean and maintain it to extend its lifetime and keep its look. Here are some tips on how to clean natural stone tile floor.

Clean up spills immediately

Stone countertops are typically porous, meaning susceptible to water penetrating the surface. Water seeping beneath the surface can result in staining and discoloration. For this reason, it is essential all spills be cleaned immediately. This especially applies to acidic substances like wine or soda. There’s a simple prevention technique: either don’t spill or clean the spill right after it happens.

Seal your floor

How to clean natural stone tile floorAlong those lines, it is also very beneficial to seal your natural stone tile floor. Sealing practically overrides the stone’s porosity. A literal seal is installed to prevent liquid from penetrating the surface or bleeding throughout the surface. Sealing is an additional cost; however, it will be well worth it to maintain the natural stone that you initially spent a good amount of money on. A sealant is recommended to be replaced every one or two years.

Avoid acidic substances when cleaning

Acidic drinks are bad for business; thus, so are acidic cleaners. It is important to avoid cleaners with acidic substances, such as those containing lemon juice or vinegar. Bathroom cleaners and grout cleaners are wholesome examples as well. These will undoubtedly stain your natural stone tile floor.

Avoid abrasive cleaners

Additionally, abrasive cleaners can cause damage. Natural stone flooring, some types more than others, are vulnerable to scratching. Their thistles are rough, and constant use will result in scratched tiling. Unfortunately, pets can cause scratches as well. We’ll never advise someone not to have a pet, just be wise to the possibility of scratching to your natural tile floors. Perhaps direct your dog’s excitement outside or in a carpeted room of the house.

Basic cleaning materials needed

One of the really cool things about natural stone tile floors is the fact that they require the most basic of cleaning materials. Specifically, a bucket full of water and a wet mop are all that you need. Just dip the mop into the bucket of water and clean the natural stone tile floor once a week. That’s all it takes. Tile grout, on the other hand, can be a little trickier. For tile grout, mix 2-3 cups of baking soda with one cup of water. Let stand for 5-10 minutes and scrub the grout with a warm-watered rag.

Make use of floor mats

A simple, but often overlooked cleaning prevention is the use of floor mats. Inside and outside of your entry doors, place a floor mat. This allows guests to wipe their shoes before they step foot on your precious tile. Any minimization of dirt or mud will lessen the necessary cleaning and keep your natural stone tile floor maintained. If you are interested in natural stone flooring, Flooring Source of Texas is here to help. Our flooring experts will answer any questions you may have about specifics. You can purchase natural stone flooring from our Flower Mound, TX location. We also offer a free estimate for installation. Contact Flooring Source of Texas today! Also, visit our blog for additional helpful information.

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