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Increase Home Value through 4 Major and 4 Minor Changes

Increase Your Home Value

If you see yourself moving in the near future then it might be a good time to start prepping your home. We’re not saying you should start packing; rather, you should do some remodeling and fixing up to help increase your home’s value for when the time comes to sell. Some options to increase home value are fairly significant, while others are fairly minor.

Please allow us to enlighten you…

4 Major Changes to Increase Home Value

Install modern, easy to maintain flooring

increase home valueCarpet just doesn’t really cut it anymore. While it remains an acceptable floor type in bedrooms, any other room throughout a home will suffer with carpet. Why? It doesn’t compare to most other flooring types in terms of look and it is difficult to keep clean.

When it comes to Dallas, TX home value, carpet will not help, nor will flooring options like vinyl plank and laminate. Vinyl plank and laminate lack the appeal and durability that potential buyers will be looking for. Flooring that will increase home value includes natural stone (granite, marble, travertine, etc.) or hardwood. Tile might add slight value, but it wouldn’t be worth installing for the sole purpose of increasing home value.

Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is the moneymaker. Buyers will likely show a ton of interest in this particular room; therefore, you want to make it look as nice as possible. Cabinetry, flooring, countertops and appliances are important, and the tricky part is making sure they all fit together to complete a singular look. So, you may need to update your entire kitchen or maybe you’ll just have to upgrade one or two parts of the kitchen.

Stone countertops are a prevailing look into today’s modern kitchens. Granite and quartz are great options and each is sure to add value to your home.

Wood is a bit of a risk in a kitchen flooring; however, it is a viable option. Natural stone will be the most influential flooring type on your home’s value, but it will be pricey to purchase and install.

Stainless steel appliances throughout the kitchen is the way to go. Frankly, there isn’t another option in regard to modernizing your kitchen appliances.

Update your roof

An older roof won’t necessarily drive buyers away, though it will lower your asking price. Investing in a roof replacement will change that. Roofs are a substantial investment, so if a buyer sees a home in which he/she won’t have to pay for a replacement any time soon then he/she will be more likely to buy it. Just be sure to discuss the benefit of installing a new roof with your realtor. You certainly don’t want the added home value to fall short of what you pay for a new roof.

Upgrade your backyard with a patio

People love a relaxing backyard these days. And a big contributor to a relaxing backyard is a spacious, luxurious patio. Buyers want a space where they can get out of the house and relax without being overwhelmed by the Texas heat. A patio that allows room for couches, a coffee table and some greenery offer a ton of potential. An appealing patio should basically be an outdoor living room.

4 Minor Changes to Increase Home Value

Improve your front door

The first impression is always important. While a nice front door will not increase home value, it will open the door (no pun intended) to buyer interest. A freshly painted, bold front door will get a buyer’s attention and make them want to see more.

Re-paint areas that need it

increase home valueA fresh paint job can do a lot for a Dallas, TX home as it refreshes and improves the look. Certain colors can actually create the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. Lighter colors like a light gray, light blue or a lime green can impact a room in such a way. Beige works too; however, it is somewhat commonplace.

Modernize technology throughout the home

We’re not suggesting you go buy a new flat screen TV. That object will have no impact on home value. Instead, upgrading utilitarian features such as lighting and temperature control can make a difference. Every home buyer wants a programmable thermostat. It makes life easier and more comfortable and requires less effort than an old school thermostat. Light dimmers are popular modern home aspect as well. The ability to control lighting in each room is far more ideal than the basic on/off switch.

General care and maintenance throughout the home

Consider factors like heating, cooling and insulation. It won’t be worth it to buy a new air conditioning system, but you can at least invest in a tune-up prior to putting your home on the market. Buying a new home is obviously a major investment; therefore, potential buyers are likely to be rather picky. A poorly functioning air conditioner or a poorly insulated home can be that little thing that turns them away.

Flooring Source of Texas will help you increase your home’s value. Whether it be new flooring, kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, we have you covered. Give us a call at (972) 778-6855! Also, please visit our website––and our blog for additional helpful input.

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