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Are Marble Floors Slippery?

Is slipping an issue with marble floors?

Marble is a stunning material. Whether used as a countertops, wall or floor, it provides a home or office with a beautiful, luxurious look that cannot be matched. The appearance of marble has never been in question; however, a future buyer must also consider the natural stone’s functionality. For example, are marble floors safe? Are they slippery?

Those are two objective questions. Certainly, someone has at some point slipped on a marble floor. Someone has at some point slipped on hardwood, porcelain tile and even carpet as well. The true question is: Is slippery marble a big enough concern not to buy and install it?

First off, you should know that there are two ways to finish marble floors: honed and polished.


marble floorsIf you want to avoid a slipping accident in your Flower Mound, TX home, honed marble is the way to go. Honed marble will not display the shininess of polished marble, though, its satin-like feel provides more grip. Thus, you should not have to worry about slipping on honed granite. Of course, the surface will still be slippery if you’re wearing socks around the house and walking at a fast pace. The same goes for hopping out of the shower with wet feet.

Marble floors are perhaps most common in bathrooms. Reason being, they instantly take over the small space with an elegant look. It’s also less expensive to install marble in a bathroom as opposed to a kitchen or living area. Any hard surface will be slippery if your feet are still wet. Hence, the importance of bathroom mats. If you step out of the shower or bath and dry your feet, then you should have no slipping issues with honed marble.


Polished marble, on the other hand, is more so prone to slipping. Ultimately, it is as slippery as it looks. The shiny, glossy material is purposed primarily for appearance rather than function. That is why polished marble is seen primarily in areas with generally less foot traffic. It can show dirt more easily and it provides less grip. You can compare polished marble to any item that you are paranoid about keeping in pristine condition at all times. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use polished marble for flooring, it just requires more care.

Reverting back to the bathroom example…

You will most definitely want to take advantage of bathroom mats with a polished marble floor. You’ll also want to remind yourself that the surface is slippery, especially if your feet are not dry. Polished marble is not frequently used in bathrooms due to the risk of slipping. In fact, it’s more common in living areas or entry ways. You’ll also find it commonly used for countertops or walls—areas where slipping is not a factor.


Are marble floors safe? Yes, but they require some caution.

Are they slippery? Yes, polished marble more so than honed marble.

Is slippery marble a big enough concern not to buy and install it? Most likely not, but it depends on the buyer. Marble brings too many great qualities for one bad quality to prevent a major home upgrade. You simply have to be aware of the surface. If you’re aware then you should not have any safety issues.

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