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Should I move or remodel? Think big picture

Should I move or remodel?

Ah yes, the question that drives homeowners to whit’s end—should I move or remodel? The question is both excitable and scary. On one hand, both options lead to improved homes. On the other hand, both options come with a lot of stress and require considerable dedication. We’ll help you think through each and hopefully your mind will be somewhat cleared by the end…

Consider the following in the big decision…

Do you like where you live?

The first consideration is simple. If you have lived in the same Dallas, TX home for 15 years and love your surroundings then you may want to stay put. Your children may have developed neighborhood friendships, you might be close to work or to school, and maybe your neighborhood community is all that you could have ever expected.

should I move or remodelAn abrupt move will put those little conveniences and perks in the past. Sure, you’ll adjust and sure your new home could work even more to your favor, but is that a risk you are willing to take?

All we’re saying is it is very important to look at the big picture. The question “should I move or remodel?” defaults the home to the foreground and forces all other factors to the background. At the end of the day, surroundings, friendships, and convenience play huge roles in your everyday life.

Consider your budget

The decision to move or remodel is not one to be made on a whim. Rather, you need to think long and hard about your budget for each choice. If you plan for your home to undergo significant remodels than you probably want to seek the help of a professional remodeling company. Choose a company and obtain an estimate for how much your ideal remodel would cost. Make sure to account for materials as well.

On the moving side, it would be wise to get a valuation on your Dallas, TX home. You can get a value from a realtor and check with your neighbors as its likely your house will be similar in value to theirs. Then, you can weigh that value with the value found through your new home research. Of course, it is important to consider mortgage rates, along with your current mortgage. If you intend to move into a bigger home, you should consider enhanced utility costs and energy costs as well.

Ultimately, the two choices don’t intertwine as much as you’d think. Moreover, potential increased home value based on a remodel should not be a major factor in your choice to stay or move. A remodel will increase your current home’s value some, but likely very little. A kitchen remodel can carry some weight; however, other rooms not so much.

Think about time consumption

Lastly, consider the amount of time and effort that each option will require. Depending on the complexity of the remodel, it could be a few months until your house is fully functional again. By the time your home remodeling project is complete, you could probably be settled into a new home.

Moving is certainly a pain, but it is also exciting. As a matter of fact, remodeling and moving both come with great anticipation, it’s just up to you as to which anticipation is more acceptable. It will take a longer time for you to decide on a new home than it will for you to decide on a remodeling contractor. They are both important decisions, though, it’s safe to say a new home is a more important decision than choosing a contractor.

There is less pressure on picking the right contractor than there is on picking the right home. Chances are your contactor will fulfill all expectations, but a new home is a long-term investment in which your will be completely responsible for.

There is a lot to the decision: should I move or remodel? We understand. When it’s all said and done, you’ll probably end up going with your gut. Just be sure you can afford whichever decision you make, and make sure you account for the overall living situations for you and your family.

If you would like an estimate to see where you stand from a remodeling standpoint, call Flooring Source of Texas at (972) 778-6855. We offer expert remodeling services for all areas of a home. We will talk you through pricing, timelines and project creation. Please visit our website——and out blog for additional input.

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