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Waterproof Flooring for Pets

Is vinyl plank flooring good for pets?

A pet or a floor? You shouldn’t have to choose. As a matter of fact, you can find a floor that can withstand the rowdiest of pets. Whether your pet has sharp claws or is not yet potty-trained, there is a floor choice for your Flower Mound, TX home. That floor choice is vinyl plank.

What makes vinyl plank flooring so strong against pet behavior?

Scratch & stain resistance

vinyl plank flooringVinyl plank flooring is multi-layered. One of the layers is a wear layer. The wear layer is purposed to protect the flooring against scratching, moisture and staining. Basically, the wear layer is soft in relativity and therefore absorbs impact. Thus, the claws from your dog or cat will have a difficult time penetrating the surface. And if they do, the scratches will hardly show.

Vinyl plank does not quite match the strong look of hardwood; however, its look hardly suffers. When weighing the look of hardwood and the scratch resistance of vinyl plank flooring, vinyl plank flooring emerges as the best option for homeowners with pets.

Water resistance

The multi-layered composition of vinyl plank also helps with water resistance. Water has to pass through all of the layers and it has to reach the core of the plank in order to harm it. The fact that there are so many hoops for water to jump through makes water damage very rare among vinyl plank flooring. Actually, some vinyl plank floors are 100% water proof.

Water or overall moisture isn’t a major issue with pets, but it is an issue. How often does your dog slobber and how many times has your dog shook him/herself dry in the middle of the living room? Protect against those occurrences with vinyl plank flooring.

Low in allergens

All that pet shedding can result in allergies. Mix pet hair with dust and certain flooring chemicals and you might find your eyes watering or find yourself on a sneezing rant. The good news is vinyl plank flooring is low in allergens. You, nor any of your family members should have allergy problems with installed vinyl plank flooring.

Easy to clean

Vinyl plank is a breeze to clean. It’s a purely flat surface that requires only a typical vacuum or mop to clean. And you don’t have to worry about leftover moisture form the mop leaving any lasting damage to the surface, as you would with true hardwood.

Vinyl plank flooring can be purchased to emulate both hardwood and stone-type flooring. Even with stone forms, vinyl plank does not consist of grout. The unique floor type actually represents the real thing based on a high-resolution image of the real thing. To clarify, a vinyl plank created to represent an oak floor would consist of an image layer of actual oak. So, it looks like oak, but you don’t have to care for it like oak.

All of these characteristics of vinyl plank flooring adhere to the disruptions caused by pets. If you have a pet or plan to have a pet, you now know the floor choice that is best.

You also know where to find it. Contact Flooring Source of Texas at (972) 778-6855 to access our vinyl flooring options. You can also visit our website——or visit our store located in Flower Mound, TX.


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