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Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic tile differs from other types of tile in that it is made out of clay, sand and other ingredients that are fired at high temperatures in a kiln. This makes ceramic tile very hard and mostly water resistant, especially if it is glazed. Glazing means to cover the tile with a glassy material to make it waterproof. Glaze can be made from a material called feldspar, with is a type of aluminum silicate or powdered glass ingredients called frit. Most homeowners choose glazed ceramic tile because it is not only waterproof but has a nice gloss. By the way, porcelain is a type of ceramic, but it is fired at even higher temperatures than “regular” ceramic, and the batch has more of a material called kaolin.

Why Ceramic Tile?

Besides being attractive and waterproof, ceramic tile has other benefits when installed in a kitchen, bath, mudroom or laundry room. They include:

  • Durability: Ceramic tile lasts longer than other tile made of materials such as resilient flooring or linoleum.
  • Toughness: Ceramic tile flooring is very often chosen for places that get lots of traffic, such as public restrooms.
  • Color: The colors of ceramic tile are baked in, so they are permanent. There is no problem installing a ceramic tile floor in a room that gets plenty of sunlight that would fade the colors of other materials.
  • Pattern: Besides permanent color, ceramic tiles are found with a nearly uncountable variety of patterns. These patterns are bound to complement the overall look of the room the tile is installed in.
  • Texture: Homeowners who are worried that their ceramic tile floors will be too slick and might pose a slipping hazard can have the ceramic tiles textured. It won’t affect their water resistance but will add traction to bare feet.
  • Ease of care: Ceramic tile is easy to take care of. The floor just needs to be broom swept at night and mopped once a week with a damp mop and some mild cleanser. Make sure to blot up spills right away so they don’t harden and become tough to clean up later on.


Our professionals at Flooring Source of Texas find ceramic tile flooring installation one of their simpler jobs. Tile floors can be installed using thinset or thickset. Thickset, which is also called mudset, is largely a job for professionals because it takes a bit of patience. The subfloor is covered with asphalt mesh. This mesh is followed by a wire mesh then the mud is troweled on to make the floor level before the tiles are finally installed. Thinset is easier because the mortar can be troweled directly on to the subfloor. We find that the thickset procedure makes the floor that much sturdier. We also use mortar that we mix at the site, and this mortar is strong, flexible and bears up under the freeze/thaw cycle.

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