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Granite Countertops Flower Mound

Granite Countertops Flower Mound

Granite elevates a kitchen by giving it an unmatched visual appeal that will last for years and years. The only trouble with granite is making sure the rest of your kitchen keeps up with its advanced look. Furthermore, you may have to upgrade your kitchen as a whole if it is outdated. It’ll be well worth it. The surest way to an improved kitchen is through granite countertops Flower Mound!

Granite’s appearance is vast and versatile

Granite has certainly popularized over the last few decades or so; though, in its popularity, it still offers uniqueness.

granite countertops Flower MoundHow so?

Each slab of granite is different from all others. In other words, no two slabs of granite are the same. A slab of granite has random grains and veins that give it great character. You won’t find a slab with the same color tones and the same grains.

Granite’s appeal is soothing and showy at the same time. You’ll find it in hundreds of different colors. Most prevalently, white, black, gray and beige granite colors make up modern countertops. Those colors typically fit kitchen color schemes and relate nicely with natural light that spreads throughout a kitchen area. With that said, granite can be found in more customary colors, such as blue, green and red. These can look fantastic in a kitchen, but the trick is finding the color combination of cabinetry and flooring to properly balance it.

You’ll find the right design for your granite countertops Flower Mound. There are plenty of granite designs to fall in love with, so just be sure to simplify your search. Pick a color, then pick a design!

Granite will last for a long time

The combination of beautiful appearance and extreme durability make granite unbeatable. Granite is an igneous rock and is formed as a natural part of the earth. Its composition makes it strong and hard, more than capable of taking on the everyday use of a kitchen.

Granite is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and bacteria-resistant. It can withstand very hot temperatures, to the point in which transferring a hot pan from the stove top and onto granite will not cause any harm. Still, you should not make this a habit. Consistent exposure to heat can cause the color of the natural stone material to fade. Use skillets and heat pads when you can.

Scratching should be of little issue as well. Granite’s hardness makes it very difficult to scratch. Even if you intentionally run a sharp knife over it, the granite will overcome the threat. Do keep in mind, granite can actually harm knives by dulling them.

In regard to bacteria, granite’s pores are so tiny that they hardly give any space for bacteria traps. The surface is smooth and very easy to clean (we’ll expand on that soon); thus, bacteria should not be any problem as long as you partake in the occasional cleaning.

Very simple to maintain

All it takes to clean granite countertops Flower Mound is mild dish soap and water. Running a wet sponge over it once every couple of days or after a major cooking session will keep it in outstanding condition. Do not pour water directly onto the surface to wet it, as granite is a porous material. Wetting a sponge is fine; however, dry the surface soon after it is cleaned.

Be conscious of cleaning materials and cleaning objects. Thistles on cleaning brushes are relatively soft; however, they can eventually scratch and fray the surface if used consistently to clean it. In addition, certain chemical cleaners can discolor, or stain, the surface. Check with the manufacturer of your granite countertops in order to find out which cleaners are friendly to use.

Frankly, there really isn’t a need to look beyond the dish soap/water combination. The mix will effectively clean your granite countertops Flower Mound.

Installation does require expertise

As for installation, granite isn’t typically an installation project that you can take on by yourself or with a couple of friends. In all likelihood, you’ll need the assistance of a professional granite countertops Flower Mound installation company.

granite countertops Flower MoundFirst off, granite is heavy. Not to where it can only be lifted by a machine, but you’ll probably experience some muscle strain if you attempt to transport it all by yourself from the store to your car and from your car into your home. With professional installation, you won’t have to lift a finger!

Secondly, granite installation is extremely precise. It has to be cut to perfection and placed to where it will stay put forever. Cutting the initial slab is tough enough; however, cutting holes in granite to fit around a sink, faucets, outlets and whatever else that might be in the way…that’s a tedious task that will need expert action.

Also, forming specific granite edges is extremely difficult and it should only be left to the pros. We’ll detail the different types of granite edges next, but just know that a ton of effort goes into creating their stunning appearances.

The tools used to cut and install granite may be ones that you’ve never used and maybe never even seen. The time to learn how to use them is NOT when you are wanting to reform your kitchen or bathroom.

Types of granite edges

Granite slabs are typically either ¾ inch thick or 1 ¼ inches thick. The edges offer additional creative opportunity as they can be designed in a number of unique ways. You’ll have plenty of edge types to choose from…

Straight Edge

Straight Edge is your classic look. The countertops breaks into right angles at the edges to create a square edge. It sounds basic, but the look is strong and confident. Be careful if you have kiddos running around the house that happen to be the height of the countertops, as it will hurt if one of their heads hits the edge.


Bullnose edge granite is a popular choice. It consists of a rounded edge. You can also select the half-bullnose edge, which is essentially a semi-circle met with a straight edge at the halfway point. Half-bullnose edge will be pointed at the bottom. Deciding between straight edge and bullnose edge granite is really a matter of preference. Neither look is meant to necessarily draw attention away from the slab itself. With that said, each certainly has the capability of gaining a visitor’s admiration.


Beveled granite edges have a more refined design. You’ll see your granite countertops slant off at the edge perhaps 1/5 of an inch (for a 1 ¼ inch thick slab) and then angle straight down from there. Beveled granite adds great character to an already elegant appeal. If you have the option and the budget to install a beveled edge, we highly recommend it!


Speaking of character, ogee-edged granite adds tons of it. Essentially, the edges are layered at an angle. Thus, the edge will expand as each layer is set. Some homeowners may feel overcrowded with this design in their kitchen. It lengthens the granite slab a couple of inches and you may not feel it is necessary in your kitchen. The design is unquestionably nice, but, once again, it’s really a matter of preference and feel. The ogee-edged granite may be more advantageous to add character to a modern bathroom.


Waterfall edge granite is a cool and different design. Chances are you haven’t been in too many kitchens with such an edge, if any at all. With this edge type, the top surface takes a right angle at the edge and goes all the way down to the floor. Two sides are covered by the granite edge and two sides are left open. The open sides are typically filled with cabinets. This design is best for kitchen islands, specifically narrow ones. Your kitchen would have to be spacious for a narrow island. If your kitchen design fits the bill, you should strongly consider the waterfall edge for your granite. Everyone who steps foot in your home will be amazed!

The key to protecting granite

Granite isn’t held back by many weaknesses. Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, bacteria-resistant, simple to clean, visually appealing…what’s not to like about granite countertops Flower Mound?

Well, it does have one vulnerability…

granite countertops Flower MoundAs we briefly touched on, granite is a porous material. Porous means a particular surface has tiny holes or pores in which water can penetrate. Once water gets through the pores it can settle at the core of the material and cause staining at the surface. In most cases, water reaching the core of granite will not cause any significant harm, but it will damage its impressive look. That’s why it is recommended to keep the countertops dry through as diligent of an effortas possible.

Also, you should have your granite countertops sealed. A sealant will protect the surface from water damage. It will last for a year or two, so you will have to have it resealed whenever the seal fades away.

You might ask, when will I know its time to have my granite resealed?

There is a very simple test you can conduct to find out. Just sprinkle a few drops of water onto the countertops surface. If the drops bead together, your sealant is still in place. If the drops wander away aimlessly, it’s time for a new sealant.

Sealing your granite truly is important. If you want to maximize its life and livelihood, you need to have it sealed. Shouldn’t taken any more than 10 minutes!

How much will granite cost?

We wish we could give you an exact answer, but it all depends. How much granite do you need? What thickness did you decide on? What design? What type of edge?

The answer to each question factors into price. Generally speaking, granite is slightly less expensive than quartz and notably less expensive than marble. It is uncommon for any homeowner to opt for a countertops material that does not fall under the natural stone category. Therefore, granite countertops Flower Mound could easily be considered the most affordable natural stone material. Add its durability and appearance and you truly can’t go wrong!

Flooring Source of Texas

For answers to your countertops questions, to see granite samples and to set up professional installation, give Flooring Source of Texas a call! We have numerous granite designs to choose from and our representatives will certainly help you find the right one for your home. Well, we’ll at least narrow it down for you because it’s ultimately your decision. We want what’s best for your home just as you want what’s best for your home!

Flooring Source also offers various backsplashes to compliment your brand-new granite countertops Flower Mound. We have everything you need to transform your kitchen from outdated to modern.

Please visit our website——to learn more about our scope of products and services. Also, check out our blog for many helpful tips in your quest for an improved living space!

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