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Patterned Carpet

When it comes to flooring, consumers have many possible choices. A homeowner can pick from carpeting, tile, hardwood and other kinds of flooring. Many people love carpeting. Using carpeting in any room has many advantages. Carpet is warm and soft underfoot. It’s also easy on the eyes. A homeowner can use carpeting to help make any room even more appealing or cover up a less than ideal flooring situation. Another advantage of using carpeting is that it comes in many types of colors and patterns. Homeowners can choose from a vast array of potential options. One of the most popular of all contemporary carpet choices is that of patterned carpet. A carpet can have many types of patterns including small scale patterns with a repeating motif as well as carpets with much larger woven patterns.

Types of Patterns

In general carpeting has three types of patterns:

  • Small scale patterns that use motifs such as dots and flowers
  • Large scale patterns that include details such an arabeseques
  • In between carpeting patterns.

Small Scale Patterns

Small scale patterns are ideal in a room that just needs a hint of movement. A small scale patterned carpet works very well in rooms that get lots of light. The subtle elegance of the carpet will not compete with other items in the room. A pattern of this sort can help tie together rooms that have lots of other design elements. For example, a room with lots of color and textures can benefit from flooring that takes inspiration from the other colors in the space. A smaller scale pattern is also a wonderful choice in a space that has a clear focal point such as a large fireplace or an original piece of art. A pattern of this sort is a good idea when the homeowner wants to provide a backdrop for everything else the homeowner has in the space.

Larger Patterns

While smaller scale patterns are of great use in many space, another popular choice are carpets that have a large pattern. A large repeating pattern can add interest to a room that might otherwise lack interest. Carpeting that has such patterns in a similar hue can help establish a color story in the entire home. For example, carpeting with the background in one slightly darker shade of blue and a pattern in a lighter shade can be just right in a room with lots of other shades of blue as well as complementary colors such as white and yellow. A carpet with a larger pattern can also work well with a room that has many similar lines. Curved patterns create a harmonious look in a room that has many curves such as a rounded dado or French doors to the deck.

A Coherent Plan

Each homeowner starts with a general idea of the kind of flooring they want. A carpet with a pattern is another useful element in any homeowner’s arsenal of choices. Each homeowner should think about the kind of details they want in the carpeting. Color and pattern can be used successfully in order to create a coherent decorating in the entire space that makes the room feel genuinely welcoming.


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