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Plush Carpet

When planning to buy a carpet for your office or house, there are high chances that you will be confused at the many types and styles available in the marketplace. Among the many types of carpets that you will come across during your shopping spree is the plush carpet. Most individuals are unable to tell what plush carpets are and cannot distinguish them from the other carpet flooring options. Before settling for any rug, there are some things you must note about this carpet. This article will guide you in your decision-making process.

Defining plush carpets

These carpets are cut to a standard height to create a smooth and sleek finish. It usually is dense and made using strands that are closely tufted, and at times has a velvety look. The carpet is stunningly soft and can be made from synthetic fibers or wool.

It is thick and with a quality cushion

Plush carpets are level cut rugs with fibers of the height of half an inch. The carpet base comprises of top quality cushion that makes it very tough and sturdy. They are also made using strong fibers, making it soft and thicker for a long time.

It is luxurious

Plush carpets merge both comfort and elegance and are ideal for the homeowners who prefer luxury rugs. They are the kind of carpets designed for impressing people. They look stunning, feel very soft and provide extra warmth, unlike the other carpeting styles. Also, it adds allure to every space. It is perfect for individuals who dislike cold and slippery flooring.

Easy to maintain

Besides the high levels of comfort, this type of carpet is easy to care for. The carpet will in most cases come with added chemicals in the fibers that will in turn help in repelling liquids, dust, and dirt. Spills will be cleaned in time and hence prevent stains forming since the protective coat delays the time taken by fluids to penetrate carpet fibers.


Plush carpeting is highly durable and available in stylish and tasteful brands; creating high end and luxurious impression.

Ideal areas for plush carpeting

Slight and uneven marks as a result of vacuum cleaner tracking marks, furniture indentations, and foot traffic can form on your plush carpet. Therefore, this carpeting will be best suited for the areas and homes without high traffic or too much activity. The plush pile is perfect for formal and executive homes. Due to its luxurious and cozy nature, it is suited for formal dining spaces, formal lounges, and bedrooms.

Even though plush carpets have inbuilt stain repellants, some tips will maximize the lifespan of your carpet:

  • Take time and select the carpets with the stain resistance finishing. Search for the right finishes ideal for your office or house. If you have pets, get finishes that are pet-friendly.
  • Go through the warranty before buying your plush pile to know what the company covers beforehand
  • In the event of spills and accidents, have cleaning equipment ready at all times

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