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Porcelain Tile Installation

So you’ve chosen porcelain tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, or another part of your house or commercial property. There’s good reason for your decision, too. Porcelain tiles are beautiful, durable, and come in a wide range of styles and color choices. Once you’ve made the decision, you might wonder what will come next. How does the installation process work? What kind of prep needs to be done? If you’re wondering what comes after you decide on the material and exact tile for the room in which you’ll be installing the new flooring, you’ve come to the right place. It’s nice to know how long installation will take and when your floors will be fully functional again. Here is what you can expect during porcelain tile flooring installation.

Porcelain is Similar to Ceramic

If you’re ready to install porcelain tile, and you’ve already worked with ceramic before, it’s worthwhile to understand that porcelain and ceramic are somewhat similar. Both types of tiles are made from clay, but porcelain is heated at higher temperatures and made with a finer clay than ceramic. But what’s notable is that, since both types of tiles are similar, the installation processes for both are similar, as well.

Prepping the Floor

If you are redoing a floor in porcelain, you might have existing flooring that needs to be torn up. Materials such as vinyl, hardwood, and other flooring will need to be taken up before the tile can be laid. If the floor underneath is uneven, it will also need to be leveled out before installation can occur. Finally, before the tile can be laid, the sub floor must be thoroughly swept and cleaned so that there is a surface that the grout can adhere to.

Applying Thin Set and Tiles

This is the stage in which the person laying the tiles will mix and apply the thin set, a layer that adheres the tiles to the sub floor. They will also cut and lay the tiles. During this time of the project, you as the homeowner or business owner will not be able to walk on the area. It might also be noisy with the sound of the saw that is cutting the tiles.


The next step will involve taking out the spacers and applying the ground. The grout will further hold the tiles in place and eliminate the gaps between the tiles.


The next step is sealing the grout. When you place a sealant, this will protect against mold, stains, and other problems. It will, however, take 48 to 72 hours for the grout to harden enough to apply the sealer.

Walking Time

At minimum, you will want to wait at least 24 hours before you walk on the tile. It takes time for the grout to set up, and it’s actually ideal to wait even longer than 24 hours.

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