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What to do with Quartz Remnants

Quartz Remnants

Investing in quartz countertops for your home may be one of the best design decisions you’ll ever make. As a bonus, there are often pieces of quartz leftover that didn’t make the cut (literally). Instead of them going to waste, you can make creative use of them elsewhere in your home. Here are some ideas for using quartz remnants:

Briefly, before we dive into the ideas, let’s recall the strengths of quartz. They’re probably fresh on your mind if you just had quartz countertops installed, but not everyone does their research.




-Visually pleasing


Bar Tops

quartz remnantsA home bar is certainly a cool feature. One is usually tucked in the corner of a game room or living room. Using quartz remnants as the bar top will make it stand out like never before. The unique grains and vast colors of quartz will easily triumph the laminate wood that currently makes up your bar.

Remnants are ideal for thin surfaces like bars.


You can also make an eye-catching table, perhaps for an entryway or living room. Quartz makes for a powerful look, so be sure the additional parts (the legs) support and do not hurt the overall look. An entryway filled with natural light will be the perfect place for a quartz table. The perfect way to grab someone’s attention when walking through the door.


Quartz remnants are shaped well for shelves. You can apply them to a bookshelf, cabinets, or stand alones in a living area. Quartz is very strong; it will be able to support very heavy objects, whether decorative or functional.

It will add pizzazz to otherwise dull areas, and most quartz grains are easy to match in terms of surroundings. Slabs are typically some color combination of white, black and gray.

Stepping Stones

You won’t find stepping stones nicer than quartz. Add a subtle but intriguing feature to your backyard, front yard or side yard. You can ask your contractor to cut the remnants into whatever shape. After the big install he/she did with the kitchen countertops, a few remnant cuts shouldn’t take much time.

Do keep in mind that quartz is vulnerable to moisture. Thus, rain could fade its appeal. However, it is heat-resistant so it won’t have any problems with daily sunlight, even in Texas.

Fireplace Improvements

Speaking of heat-resistant, quartz remnants can be used as fireplace surroundings, specifically a fireplace hearth. Slate is considered the premier material for a hearth; however, slate is considerably more expensive than quartz. With leftovers from a major project, you can have a beautiful hearth in place. Quite the bargain!

Kitchen Accessories

With quartz being the best kitchen countertop, it can also make for the best kitchen accessories. Turn your leftover quartz into a cutting board or trivet or pastry board! The natural stone type is very difficult to scratch (cutting board), heat-resistant (trivet), and attractive (pastry board). Each object will look nicer than any alternative you’ll find at a store.

Flooring Source of Texas

Flooring Source of Texas can help you make the most of your quartz remnants. Our staff consists of expert installers. We’re very capable of cutting natural stones to perfection.

If the square footage of the slab exceeds that needed for your countertop installation, we’ll ask you if you want the remnants. We’ll also offer some suggestions as to how to use them with your home design in mind.

To learn about our many home remodeling services, please visit Also, visit our blog if additional insight.


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