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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Are you ready for your long overdue bathroom remodel? Even if you’re not, it’s time to follow through! Whatever you are confused about or concerned with, we’ll help make sense of all things bathroom remodeling as you read along!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before all else, it’s important that you develop a bulletproof plan. Prior to getting your hands dirty or hiring someone else to get his/her hands dirty, you need to iron out the specifics. Professional remodelers can certainly guide you in your decision making; however, it helps when you already have a vision in mind.

What do you want your dream bathroom to look like?

bathroom remodelingStart with a rough sketch. Consider the features that you like in your current bathroom and determine the areas in which you would like to see improvement. Also, search for a few bathroom designs that you really like. There are all sorts of inspiring bathroom designs that you can find through a quick Google search.

Just don’t sell yourself short at the beginning of the planning process. Your perfect bathroom remodeling vision may not come to fruition, but you can certainly come close. It’s when you open up your mind to creativity that you form the most genius of ideas!

And, aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are the most opportunistic rooms in the house to show off creativity.

Can you afford it?

Now, you can take your vision and match it with a budget. Prep yourself for potential disappointment, as there is a chance you won’t be able to afford every little thing that you drew up or thought out. With that said, a budget will help you separate what is most important in your design and what can be adjusted without much of an uproar. Who knows? Maybe your budget will be flexible and you’ll be able to splurge on a few specialty design items.

Before you decide on splurging, obtain as specific of a cost breakdown as you can. This can be done through your own research, or you can contact a contractor to itemize your bathroom remodel. The latter option is simplest and most reliable, as a bathroom remodeling contractor in Flower Mound has done this a time or two; therefore, you’ll benefit from accuracy and expert input when it comes to refining a budget.

In addition, be sure to give yourself some financial cushion for potential setbacks in the construction of your new and improved bathroom. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, but you can never be too safe. And, if all does go smoothly, you’ll have a little extra cash that you can spend on a special design feature (if you so choose).

Start with the major decisions

Start with the big bathroom remodeling decisions and work your way to the smaller ones. Big decisions include:

Plumbing- will you keep the plumbing fixtures (toilet, sink, shower) in place or do you plan on relocating them?

Flooring– What type of floor will be both visually appealing and functionally productive? What size tiles would be best?

Countertop(s)- What looks best, but will also be able to handle the daily use of a bathroom? What supports the countertops? A vanity? What type of vanity?

Shower/Bath- Do you need both? Two showers? Will a shower/bath combo suffice? What tiling (floor and walls) would be best for your shower?

As you can see, there are many decisions within decisions when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Flower Mound, TX. Try your best to approach your remodel one aspect at a time. Moreover, answer one set of questions before moving onto the next set. The design choices are most relevant to you, as your remodeling contractor should take care of measurements and installation matters.

We’ll try and help you answer some of those questions…


For the sake of simplicity, it’s best if you keep all plumbing fixtures in the same place. Redoing the pipes that run through your walls and floors will add a decent buck to your overall bathroom remodeling cost. You can still replace the fixtures with new ones.

A popular item nowadays is the wall-hung toilet. This type of toilet is attached only to the wall, meaning there is no base and the actual toilet tank is hidden behind the wall. Not only do wall-hung toilets look nicer, but they also save space. They weigh on the elegant side of master bathrooms and on the space-saving side of smaller bathrooms.


Tile is your best bet for a bathroom. Carpet is a no-no and hardwood is a risk. Furthermore, carpet does not handle moisture well whatsoever and hardwood has issues with it as well.

bathroom remodelingYour best bet is either porcelain tile or stone tile. Porcelain is virtually indestructible. Its surface is flat, making it easy to clean and maintain. It has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, making it the best option on the market when it comes to protecting against moisture.

Homeowners seem to underestimate the versatility of porcelain design. You can purchase porcelain tile that represents the look of hardwood and natural stone. Plus, colors and designs are practically endless. You will undoubtedly be able to find a porcelain look that fits perfectly with your bathroom remodel.

Natural stone flooring is beautiful; however, its main drawback is moisture vulnerability. All natural stone materials are porous, meaning water or other liquids can enter the pores of the material and work their way to the core. This can result in discoloration at the surface.

If you opt in for a natural stone floor, whether it be granite, marble, travertine or any other type, be sure to have the floor sealed. A sealant will protect against moisture penetration, keeping the floor in pristine shape.


You’ll face the same issue with your bathroom countertops, but in a smaller dose. As far as countertops materials go, you really have to take the natural stone route. As long as you seal the surface, you shouldn’t run into any problems with durability. Plus, water is far less of a disturbance to a countertops compared to a floor.

A granite or quartz countertops can steal the show with its random veiny design and comforting appeal. You’ll literally have hundreds of different designs to choose from no matter which natural stone material you go with. Honestly, you would be wise to base your entire bathroom remodel around the countertops type. That’s how powerful of a look natural stone offers. Your countertops can be the focal point of your revamped bathroom!


Believe it or not, there is a lot to decide on with bathing. First off, many homeowners feel the need to have a bath tub in their bathroom even though they only ever shower. If you don’t use a tub then what’s the point of having one? It will only take up space.

Even for a master bathroom, you don’t have to have a bath tub. Why not just expand on your shower design? These days, frameless glass showers are all the rage. Frameless glass showers add elegance to a bathroom while also making the space seem larger. There is no curtain and no panels to distract the overall design.

As for shower construction, homeowners are beginning to go away from fiberglass bases and opt in for acrylic or porcelain bases. These can be installed in place; they aren’t preformed and transported like fiberglass. For shower tiling, you can’t go wrong with porcelain. Use small tiles on the floor so you can keep your balance and fill the walls with larger tiles. The contrast in tile sizes will give your shower an impressive appearance.

Additional Considerations



Both natural lighting and fixture lighting have an extreme influence on a bathroom. Taking advantage of natural light will not only save you money on electricity, but it will bring out the true beauty in your bathroom.

It’s nice to have at least one window in a bathroom. Even for small bathrooms, a little window above the toilet or shower can make a big difference. For privacy purposes, install a frosted-glass window panel.

For electric lighting, consider installing dimmer lights. This way you can control the luminescence throughout the room. You can set a certain mood based on your mood. Dimmers are perfect for the master bath; however, they probably aren’t necessary for the half baths.


bathroom remodelingFixtures are THE underrated aspect of a bathroom. There are so many different types of fixtures to choose from. The goal is to find the set that adds character to your bathroom, only more as a complimentary piece rather than a standout piece. Moreover, they don’t need to be the first thing that people notice when walking into the bathroom, but they should be appreciated as an intricate part to the overall bathroom appeal.

We’re talking light fixtures one the side of or above the mirror, towel racks, toilet paper holders, sink faucets, knobs, handles, etc. They all serve a purpose, therefore they all need to be in sync with one another.

Don’t forget about the contractor!

Tackling a bathroom remodeling project on your own will be a giant headache. The decision-making process is hard enough, but actually tearing down the bathroom and creating a brand new one…that’s nearly impossible for the untrained homeowner.

Sure, there are certain parts of the remodel that you may be able to do on your own. For example, painting the walls, installing the fixtures and perhaps installing the cabinetry. Though, the rest of the tasks are best left to a professional.

Professional remodelers bring with them experience, expertise, craftsmanship and preparedness. They’ll have the tools at hand to execute precise measurements, pressures and moisture levels. The task of installing a natural stone countertops is not an easy one, as it involves edging and cutting. Your contractor must be able to cut around the bathroom sink and faucet. He will also need to perfect the stone edge, depending on which type of edge you select.

Porcelain flooring is tedious to install as well. The right caulking must be used, the right grout, and everything must be perfectly in place to produce the desired result.

That’s the thing about a bathroom remodeling project…there is little room for error if you want your bathroom vision to be everything that it can be. Would you rather count on yourself to overcome that pressure or rely on the individuals who remodel bathrooms for a living?

Flooring Source of Texas

Give Flooring Source of Texas a call to get your remodel started! We’ll help you through the decision-making process and we’ll complete an initial estimate to give you an idea for budgeting. Once your material choices are made, our experts will start with installation. In the end, you’ll have yourself a vastly improved bathroom; thus, a vastly improved home!

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